5-Star Food Marketplace

Support for Military Families with Food Needs

Research suggests that over a quarter of active-duty military families and one-tenth of veteran families in our region require food assistance.

Introducing the 5 Star Food Marketplace, our latest initiative to address food insecurity within the communities we serve. This program aims to alleviate food-related challenges for lower enlisted (E1-E5)military families, enabling them to prioritize mission readiness.

Program Overview

The 5 Star Food Marketplace extends complimentary food assistance to active-duty members and their families stationed at USAG Ft. Sill Army Base. Our offerings include shelf-stable foods, as well as fresh and frozen items to supplement your family’s needs. Operating hours are every Friday from 9 am to 12 pm, excluding holidays. Registrants are required to complete the monthly online registration form.

For Military families ranked E6 and below, as well as Veterans, access to the Marketplace is limited to once per month. Others or those in need of additional support must complete an emergency referral form and obtain a signature from their Company Commander, 1SGT, or unit Chaplain. To request this form, please email ccason@asymca.org.

The 5-Star Food  Marketplace USAG Ft. Sill

  • General Hours:  9am-12p(Every Friday)
  • Food Box Pick up Only
  • Welcome Center Bld. 4700 rm. G10C
  • 4700 Mow-Way Rd.  Ft Sill OK 73507


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ASYMCA Oklahoma

(Welcome Center) Bld 4700 Rm G10C

4700 Mow-Way Rd.

Ft Sill OK 73507


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